Thursday, December 31, 2009

Feliz año 2010!

Buen camino para todos, buen  camino para los que viven de la aventura, buen camino para los que siguen sus sueños, buen camino en el 2010.

Oscar Manguy

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No two days are alike

This fragment is from the book: "Souther Exposure"

The challenge and the beauty of ocen paddling is that no two days are alike. You wake up in the predawn light, unzip the tent, and the sea greets you with anything from a roar of boisterous energy to the gentlest wave recending over the colored stones of a gravel beach. The winds and waves, or the lack of them, set the pace and the mood of the day.

Days of wild winds and breaking waves leave little time for daydreaming and wandering mentally. The windsand, consequently, the waves, demand that the paddler stay alert. The day is spent anticipating the unexpected: Gauging the speed and angle of the waves as each one approaches the boat, monitoring the ever-changing subtleties of wind direcctions and speed, being aware of the energy spent controlling the boat and how much longer one can maintain the pace, and continually, though subconsciously, being aware of how narrow the edge is between the high of running with the sea and the consequenses if something were suddlently to go wrong. The high-energy days are the ones that are remembered simple because of the intensity with which the days is lived.

by Chris Duff


Friday, December 11, 2009

Isla Cerralvo "Primer Intento"

KAYAK 13  Team: Marco A. Martinez, Alejandro Estrada, Julio Saldivar, Yuriria Hernandez y Oscar Manguy.

We did the crossing from La turqueza to Punta Viejos, the weather was NO BUENO, Norte winds between 15 - 20 knots. Next May will try again to cincunavigate the Island.

Thanks for all you support!.

Oscar Manguy

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Alejandro Estrada

Alex started Kayaking a couple of years ago and since then he has been perfroming MUY BUENO!. I met him at La Playa when he was curios about kayaking after tha day Alex had participated in Kayak expeditions, Kayak training trips, Kayak marathons and other events.
Alex is part of the team that will circunavigate Isla Cerralvo and just recently he obtained the ACA coastal assesment Level 1.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bird watching

My friend Sandy and I went Kayaking to El Mogote in La Paz Baja, this place was a wilderness land a couple of years ago but now the developers and the big buildings are changing the landscape and the escence of the place.  We went there to do brid watching and we saw a couple interesting birds of the area and other that are migrants, here are some photos.