Saturday, February 6, 2010

Depression en Aysen

The weather is not looking that good for the next days, will see what the Weather GODs have for us.
Isla Kent we are going to see you soon.

Primera Expedicion 2010

The Chonos are an INCREIBLE place to paddle. so far we have paddled 202 NM, the weather is hard, rain, wind, currents and cold make of this place a excellent place to build your paddler strengths. You need to be ready to expect everything and you need to be prepare!, you need to know your pull outs, you times, your crossings, you need to have strong camping and expedition skills, you need to step up for you and your peers. A hot drink in your hands a the end of a good move, gives you the warm that you need to let you body relax and appreciated the beauty of the place...

Patagonia me ha enseñado que hay que estar listo a todo momento sin perder desde dentro la admiracion de vivir en un lugar tan hostil.

Buen camino