Saturday, August 27, 2011

The 3 star BCU assessment in Homer

The 8/23 Yuri and I completed our 3 star BCU assessment in Homer Alaska with Tom Pogson.

Kayaks ready for the sea

Practicing bracing in the surf zone.

We had a great time, now we are ready for loco in Oregon.

Photos: Tom Pogson from Alaska kayak school

Location:Homer, Alaska

Monday, August 22, 2011

Looking at the chart and doing some research

Katchemack bay crossing to China poot

Looking at the wind forecast

Gore point next year

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Location:Homer Spit Rd,Homer,United States

Getting ready to sea kayak at Homer Alaska

Tomorrow Yuriria and me we are taking our BCU assessment, the conditions look great.

View from the spit at Boardwalk fish and chips
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Location:Homer Spit Rd,Homer,United States

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to fix your drysuit neck gasket in 8 steps

Here is what you need to fix your neck gasket from your drysuit

Check list:
- Basketball or soccer ball
- Pump
- 1 tube of Aqua seal
- 1 or 2 brushes
- Sandpaper number 400
- New gasket
- Latex gloves
- Tape
- Sharp blade or cutter
- 2 alcohol pads

This process will take you 40 minutes to 1 hr. plus 8 hrs. of drying time

Place the basketball (no air in it) in the neck of your drysuit

Pump the basketball until gets hard and gives a good shape to the gasket.

Will look like this:

Use the cutter and start cutting IMPORTANT you need to leave an inch from the old gasket, here is where you are going to connect the new gasket to.

Sandpaper the old gasket and the outside of your new gasket

When you finish turn your gasket inside out

Clean the leftover gasket and the new gasket with the alcohol pads

Apply aqua seal in the leftover gasket using the brush, make sure that you use the latex gloves

Place the new gasket on top of the basketball and start placing it in line with the leftover gasket. IMPORTANT: Remember that you are doing this process inside out, make sure that your gasket is inside out before you place it.

Use tape to hold the new gasket in place

Wait for 8 hours letting the aqua seal dry, remove the tape and the basketball.

After 8 hours

Ready to take it rolling

If you have any questions drop me a line.

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