Monday, September 26, 2011

Navigation and tidal planning

Navigation and tidal planning are great tools for planning your trips. In many places you will find that tides play a big effect in your trip; Tides can cause current, skookumchucks, tidal races, shallow beaches and expose reefs. All these can be fun, crazy or hard according to your experience level.

Plotting your location in the chart

Studying the Yuculta narrows

Timing the crossings

The information

Mate drink!!!

Yuri's notes
In this class we use the rule of 50/90 and slow water rule

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Location:La Paz, Mexico

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photos from the Loco round up at slow boat farm

Here are some photos from the courses and training at slow boat farm 2011.
Great coaches, people and environment.
Thank you Ginni for running a great symposium.

View from paddle center

Traditional kayak with norsak and spear

Santiago's and Patti's camp in a foggy morning

Rony and Lili ready to do some canoeing

Exploring the Colombia river to three tree point

Latinos practicing rolling

The gnarly water day

Greg Anderson

Yuriria Hernandez

Rony Maier

Oscar Manguy

Rescue practice in the caves

Rony and Yuri doing rock garden

More rescue practice

Rock garden at death mans cove

Death mans cove

Going around Yeti A

In this trip I made great friend from all over the world, we shared great experiences and good stories, thank you for all the great energy and good times.

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Location:Oregon, Colombia river

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The loco is happening

The Loco is starting with the L1 Jen and Phil are doing a great job, coaching, teaching and assessing the participants.

Great event thank you Ginni for making it happen.

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Location:E Sunny Sands Rd,Cathlamet,United States