Friday, December 30, 2011

Marahau, the land of Sea Kayaking!

Marahau is the gate to Abel Tasman National Park and the place to sea kayak in New Zealand, every minute you see groups of people getting out in kayaks to explore the park.

Here are photos of our exploration trip there.

Getting ready, now at Sandy beach in Marahau.

To Adele island, in the way we found some crazy currents and strong wind gust.

Adele island

Surfing our way back

Yuriria balancing brace

Beached as bro!

Leather starfish

Where is the water?

Black tea and Tim tam, yum yum!

Low tide


Marahau art

The fat tui, very good dinner

Cicada leaving the shell

Now we are making our way to Waimaru to visit Margaret and Mister G.
Next trips: Queen Charlotte sounds and Separation point.

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Location:Marahau New Zealand

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kaikoura Peninsula

Kaikoura peninsula paddling
Yuriria Hernandez and Oscar Manguy
Pacific coast

Getting ready at south bay

Swell 2 meters

Scouting Shark tooth point

Reef everywhere

Great paddle!

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Location:New Zealand

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pictures from NZSF 4/5 New Zealand NOLS

NZSF 4/5

Don't Panic!

The day before the storm, 50 knots of wind all the buoys reports were not working, the wind burned the wind meters.

Same view under my tarp

Pipi beach at Pelouros channel. You can encounter some current and eddy lines.
Strong southerly winds funnels from Havelock.

NZSF 4/5 at willson bay visiting Trevor

Trevor in action

Exploring Tawa bay

Little break

Getting ready for the sea cave at Titirangui

Pigeon bay

Rachel's Wax eye little bird

Ketu bay

View of Port Ligar

View of Maud Island and Tennyson inlet

View of Cook strait and Forsyth Island

View of Allen strait

Crossfit challenge

Mister G at Waimaru

More Ferns

Rachel C.

Mike C.

Instructors: Oscar M, Rachel C. and Mike D.
Strong Storms winds up to 50 knots, willy was and heavy seas.

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Pictures from NZSF 1 courses in New Zealand NOLS

Sea Kayaking in Marlborough sounds


Getting ready for the first day paddling

Route planning

Silver fern curl

Oscar and Yuri

Sea life

At Pelouros channel

Forsyth island in the distance

Titirangui old Maori site

LNT fire

Camp at Wiona bay

Maud Island


Kidney ferns very rare to see in the bush

Kayak olympics at Ferndale

Singing songs with the 4:7:1lyrics

Sea kayak life in New Zealand

Maud island

Kenepuru sound

Instructors: Oscar Manguy and Yuriria Hernandez
21 days sea kayaking in NZ
Winds up to 40 knots

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