Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pictures from NZSF 4/5 New Zealand NOLS

NZSF 4/5

Don't Panic!

The day before the storm, 50 knots of wind all the buoys reports were not working, the wind burned the wind meters.

Same view under my tarp

Pipi beach at Pelouros channel. You can encounter some current and eddy lines.
Strong southerly winds funnels from Havelock.

NZSF 4/5 at willson bay visiting Trevor

Trevor in action

Exploring Tawa bay

Little break

Getting ready for the sea cave at Titirangui

Pigeon bay

Rachel's Wax eye little bird

Ketu bay

View of Port Ligar

View of Maud Island and Tennyson inlet

View of Cook strait and Forsyth Island

View of Allen strait

Crossfit challenge

Mister G at Waimaru

More Ferns

Rachel C.

Mike C.

Instructors: Oscar M, Rachel C. and Mike D.
Strong Storms winds up to 50 knots, willy was and heavy seas.

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