Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Captain Creek Hut to Emerald Pools

This is my second packrafting trip in New Zealand.

I went back to the Pelorus river to run the section from Captain Creek Hut to Emerald pools, last time we could not run it due the river flood.

Here are some photos of the trip.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Packrafting Pelorus river

Packrafting New Zealand 2013 Trip Report

Route: Hacket Trail to Pelorus Bridge
Distance: 45 km aprox. 
Packrafts: Alpacka White Water
Participants: Oscar Manguy and Jordan Morrison (Click to check his webpage) is very Cool!
Route Description: 
Day 1: Hiked from Hackett Trail head to Roebuck Hut.
Day 2: Packrafted from Roebuck Hut and portaged to Middy Hut. 
Day 3: Packrafted from Middy Hut to Captain Creek Hut. Lovely run!
Day 4: Hiked to Emerald pools and Packrafted to Pelorus Bridge camp ground. We ran this section in a flood most rapids went up to PR3 and PR4, we portaged the PR4 rapids and had fun scouting the PR3 and running them. 

I suggest to scout the rapids in the upper section from Roebuck to Emerald Pools; From Emerald pools you can read and run most of the time, there are a couple of drops that you need to scout before running. 

This river is very fun in a low flow you can play in the rapids and swim in the beautiful pools, most of the rapids are PR1 and PR2 with great run outs. Be aware of floods, with rain the river increases very rapidly.   


 Photos of the trip:

Photos: Oscar Manguy and Jordan "Collier Photographic"